PM2.5 Very Sharp Cut Cyclone (VSCC)

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  • Particle Size Cut PM2.5 at 16.67 LPM


PM2.5 Sharp Cut Cyclone (SCC)

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  •  Particle Size Cut PM2.5 at 16.67 LPM


PM1 Sharp Cut Cyclone (SCC 2.229)

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  •  Particle Size Cut PM1 at 16.67 LPM

SCC1-197 Web

Ambient Particulate Inlets

Comparison Chart

  • Particle Size Cut PM1 and PM2.5 at 2-10 LPM

Cyclone Selector Chart
This chart allows users to quickly chose an appropriate cyclone for measuring PM10, PM4, PM2.5, and PM1 at a range of flow rates.

Cyclone Calculator
This calculator demonstrates the performance of each cyclone determined by a mathematical model extrapolated from actual test data. For each BGI cyclone, users can enter their desired flow rate to determine the resulting D50 cut point. This calculator also provides the estimated pressure drop associated with a chosen flow rate. (Opens as a Microsoft Excel file)

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