Mesa Biological Indicators

Biological Indicators:

Mesa Labs manufactures biological and chemical indicators for validation of sterilization processes. Mesa is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its clients.

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Mail-in Spore Testing

Mail-In Spore Testing:

Mesa is a leading manufacturer and provider of sterilization monitoring products to the healthcare, dental, and life science markets. These products include mail-in spore testing kits, self-contained biological indicators, chemical indicators and record keeping.

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DataTrace Data Loggers


Patented, wireless data loggers for measuring and recording temperature, humidity and pressure for the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare and several other industries.

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DryCal Gas Flow Calibrators

Bios DryCal:

Bios International is the recognized leader in gas flow measurement, providing the industry’s most reliable products, service and solutions for professionals in environmental protection, workplace safety, industrial process control and laboratory calibration. Mesa Labs acquired Bios International in 2012.

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DialyGuard Dialysate Meters

DialyGuard Meters & Solutions:

Meters, standard solutions, and related accessories used by hemodialysis clinics worldwide to ensure quality care and patient safety.

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ViewPoint Monitoring Systems


The Mesa Labs ViewPoint Monitoring Systems are the most reliable way to protect vital products and resources and to archive valuable data.

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Cap Torque Testing


A durable and reliable computerized cap torque analyzer line, which is setting a new standard for torque measurement throughout the packaging industry.

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TempTrust Qualified Packaging


Mesa develops, manufactures and markets, qualified cold chain solutions for the life sciences, pharmaceutical, health care and food industries. Our cold chain solutions include pre-qualified packaging, packaging components, and packaging services such as validation.

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Validation Services

Mesa Validation Services:

Mesa offers onsite customized services and documentation available to keep your systems working properly and help protect you when it comes to regulatory compliance.