Biological Indicators

Biological Indicators:

Mesa Labs manufactures biological and chemical indicators for validation of sterilization processes. Mesa is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its clients.

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Data Loggers


Patented, wireless data loggers for measuring and recording temperature, humidity and pressure for the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare and several other industries.

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Dialysate Meters

DialyGuard Meters & Solutions:

Meters, standard solutions, and related accessories used by hemodialysis clinics worldwide to ensure quality care and patient safety.

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Cap Torque Testing


A durable and reliable computerized cap torque analyzer line, which is setting a new standard for torque measurement throughout the packaging industry.

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Continuous Monitoring

Mesa Monitoring:

The ViewPoint Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) is the most reliable way to protect vital products and resources and to archive valuable data.

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